Advanced Computing Facility (ACF)

The Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) is made possible through a partnership between the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (JICS), the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK), and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, faculty investment from both campuses, and other partners, with the goal of consolidating computational resources, user support, and investments across the State to provide researchers with a significant, regional-class computing resource managed by a national-class staff.


The ACF comprises ACF-Newton and ACF-SIP (Secure Information Processing) to provide environments necessary to meet the computing needs of faculty working on either open or sensitive applications, or both. ACF-Newton combines the Beacon and Newton clusters, which offers a computing resource that supports serial and parallel computing, in the latter case with and without coprocessors, and most memory needs, including the need for terascale memory per node. ACF-Newton is coupled to a petascale, high-speed parallel file system to provide a balanced system offering high-performance computing along with fast data access and ample storage. ACF-SIP is a rapidly growing environment providing both computing and storage resources to process sensitive data. JICS staff support users across the critical spectrum of user assistance, operations, scientific computing, and education, outreach, and training.


Use of the ACF is open to all University faculty, postdocs, and students. Faculty investment in the ACF is welcome, and encouraged. JICS has supported numerous proposals to federal agencies across the above campuses, and their colleges, and will provide the needed input and documents to support such proposals.

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