CSURE Success Stories - 2014

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Success Stories

Jason Coan and his mentor presented a paper at the Parallel and Distributed for Applications and Technology in Hong Kong in 2014.

Jason Coan and Zaire Ali presented a poster at the XSEDE conference 2014.

Caroline Su attended a second REU program at the University of Michigan. (In school, 2016)

Mary Harris is attending graduate school in Nashville. (In school, 2016)

Tian Chong presented a talk at the Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equation in Hong Kong 2014. He is attending graduate school in Pittsburgh.

Zaire Ali has built and maintained a PC cluster at Morehouse College and used it for HPC classes taught by Dr. Ng and Dr. Wong. Morehouse College has established a HPC program in the CS department because of the this CSURE REU effort. Zaire is attending graduate school in NC, 2016.

Alex Cope was admitted to the Genome Science Program the University of Tennessee and gave a talk to the students of the 2015 CSURE program about graduate school application process, 2016

Sara Zinn is attending graduate school in Chicago. (In school, 2016)

Allan Morales is finishing his MS and applying for PhD program, 2016)

Catherine Eason just graduated and is working , 2016)

Selina Arrington-Boy is attednig graduate school , 2016)

Out of the 10 REU local REU students as in Aug. 2016, 7 are attending graduate school, 3 are working.

Out of the 4 international students as in Aug. 2016, two are studying in the US, 2 is finishing MS program in CUHK, and applying for PhD program in the US.