Visit JICS

Before Arriving

ORNL and JICS welcomes visitors to the Laboratory. However, because of increased security requirements, we've made some changes in how the site is accessed. Bethel Valley Road, which is the main access route to Oak Ridge National Laboratory from both directions, is now closed to the public. If you are planning a visit to ORNL, your host will arrange for you to proceed past entrance stations on Bethel Valley Road leading to the Laboratory's Visitor Center. It is very important, if you are not a DOE or DOE contractor employee, to arrange your visit to ORNL/JICS ahead of time.

If you're not sure how to arrange your visit, contact Angie Chance (, 865.241.0643).

Getting to ORNL

ORNL is located in Roane County, Tennessee, about 7 miles from the center of the city of Oak Ridge and about 25 miles from the McGhee Tyson Airport near Knoxville.

Speed limits: Speeds limit signs are posted along the Bethel Valley Road entrance to ORNL. Once you have arrived at ORNL, the campus speed limit is 25 mph, unless otherwise posted. These limits are strictly enforced for the safety of staff members and visitors. Please observe the speed limits as you drive at ORNL.

Entering ORNL

The Visitor Services Office prepares a daily list of visitors for the Protective Force personnel, which is finalized by 4:30 p.m. EST on the preceding day. Your host or sponsor will submit your name to that list. Upon your arrival at one of the Bethel Valley Road entrance stations, have some form of picture identification ready for the Protective Force officers so that they can quickly confirm you with the list. Once verified, you will be issued a Temporary Entry Pass, which authorizes you to travel from the entrance to the ORNL Visitor Center.

Follow the signs directly to the ORNL Visitor Center to receive an ORNL proximity card and a visitor ID, or to the ORNL badge office for badging, as appropriate. If you arrive and are not on the list of registered visitors, your ORNL host or sponsor will then have to verify your visit with ORNL Security. So it's very important that arrangements are made before your visit.

ORNL Visitor Services (, 865.574.7199) can provide you with access to specific Laboratory areas based upon your needed access requirement for as long as your stay requires. If you have any issues please contact Angie Chance (, 865.241.0643).

Deliveries to JICS

Non-DOE badged vendors and delivery personnel delivering goods to ORNL/JICS must have in their possession either a bill of lading, purchase order, or shipping order showing the need for access to ORNL/JICS and the name and phone number of a point of contact at ORNL/JICS who knows about the delivery. Persons in this category who do not have one of the above items in their possession will not be allowed site access. If a bona fide delivery is involved, the delivery vehicle driver will be afforded an opportunity to contact Visitor Services by telephone (865.574.7199) for needed assistance or Donna Wilkerson (, 865.574.5493).

Building Access

Access to the JICS building is controlled with a "proximity card reader" system. The ORNL/JICS proximity card you receive at the Visitor Services Office should provide entrance into the building simply by placing the card in front of the proximity reader, located beside the doorway. When the light turns green and the door lock clicks, you may enter the building. If your proximity card does not give you access to a desired building, report to the Visitor Services Office.

Wireless Networking

As a visitor to ORNL and JICS, access to the ORNL wireless network and JICS wireless network are available to you in the JICS building. To gain access, you must have a PC or other portable device with wireless capability. If your PC or portable device does not have wireless capability, a limited number of wired-to-wireless Ethernet bridges may be available from your host organization.


Special-guided, general orientation, and other "customized" tours offered for groups of 10 persons or more, also for offered primarily for educational groups, which are interested in learning more about the history, current missions, and research and development at ORNL/JICS. Advance registration is required, and participation is limited to U.S. citizens and must be at least 10 years old. Other restrictions apply as well. For more information about the tour programs, contact Fred Strohl (, 865.574.4165).